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Book Review: Friends Forever-Danielle Steel



Danielle Steel gives us a story of five best friends who have been together ever since the first day of Junior Kindergarten. She brings us through all the issues in their families, and their own personal struggles in their lives. Friends Forever is a great story that’s very enticing and real.


I enjoyed this book a lot. I love how much I can relate to this, because I’m also a student who tries to keep contact with other friends (this isn’t what the book is relatively about…it’s about the lives of five friends who go through their stages of life together, but the post secondary part of the book was a big chunk). I really like Danielle Steel’s writing style; she effortlessly changes the point of view from one family to the next with such ease that it made this book a greater joy to read.

I love the characters, but the story line surrounding them was a bit unreal. A lot of tragedy hit the group, and I think it took away from the novel a bit because at one point, I was thinking that something else should have happened in order for it to be more tragic. But the characters were all easy to relate to, and Danielle brings up a lot of themes that are relevant with my generation, like the pressure to be what our parents expect us to be, or how high risk we all are of abusing,mixing substances without considering the consequences. There are some pretty heavy stuff in this book though, so I advise that the week of heart DON’T read this! Like I did. Or you’ll be surrounded with tissues.

Overall, I give this book an 8/10. Great story, great characters, and easy to relate to. I will be buying more of her books, because I’m curious to see what else she writes about. I’m a fan of her, and I think that a lot of young people will like this book, because, like I’ve said, it’s easy to relate to.


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