Random Rants

Marina’s Magnificent Manicure

P23-07-13_20-32 P23-07-13_20-32[1]


“Please don’t do my nails the way that you do them!” I said.

“No, don’t worry, I’ll be extra careful!” said my friend, Marina.

And that’s what “being careful” means to Marina, apparently. All over my skin haha! She keeps telling me that it will be beautiful by tomorrow….but I highly doubt her! Hopefully she’s right though!

My advice here is that if you KNOW how…..unique……your friend is with putting nail polish on…..try to avoid them. HOWEVER if your friend hits super hard and leaves bruises (especially around prom time….no Marina, I’ll never let that go), then go with it!

Either way, it was still a great time with my fat cow/”mommy”/my hoe. So even if she did my nails….uniquely…..I still love her! Love you hoe! THANKS.


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