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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 28 Predictions

Wooo Tuesday! My favourite day of the week! And this is going to be an epic episode (compared to the last 4-5 weeks of Dance Moms). If I remember correctly, the preview of today’s episode that aired last week after Abby’s chatter session was of Maddie (seemingly) screwing up. But this one shows that Melissa is a little cray cray against the Moms and Abby….so definitely tons of drama tonight! As I said last week on my recap post of episode 27, I think that it’s good that Maddie screws up once in a while, because it reminds a lot of people that she isn’t perfect (just like the rest of us). I’m officially excited for tonight! It’s going to be so awesome after we had those brutal weeks of Cathy, and then the chatter episodes (which were good, but let’s face it….it isn’t regular Dance Moms!)


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