First Driving Experience

Well, today was the day! I finally got behind the wheel, and drove….well, at 20 km/h. But still, it’s driving! It definitely wasn’t as easy as I made it out to be. 

First off, I should explain that my Dad recently had his shoulder cuff surgically repaired, so he’s in a sling (his right arm) and I’ve been bugging him non-stop to bring me driving, which he finally has. 


Mistake #1: The car was still in park, and here I am sitting there like an idiot pushing the gas….later, I found out my Mom heard the VVVVVVRRRRRROOOOOMMMMM from inside.

Mistake #2: I only looked into the side view mirrors, and later realized I forgot about the one on top.

Mistake #3: I drove in the middle of the road. Yup. Only me on the two-way road, and here I am right in the middle. Beautiful.

Mistake #4: There was a car parked, and of course, I passed super close to it. Thank god my Dad was there, or else I would’ve scratched both of the cars.

Mistake #5: Of course, I’d be the one to enter into the street again from parking without looking. Of course! Luckily no one was there. 

Mistake #6: When your Dad yells “BRAKE” you brake. Or else you’ll go over the curb when practicing parking. Yup. Poor Dad, I banged his arm up a bit when I went over!

Mistake #6: When trying to find the gas pedal with your foot, don’t push hard on it when you do find it. Especially on a turn.

Mistake #7: When a bird is in the road, don’t look at it. It will fly away (hopefully). I was more scared that I would hit it than actually concentrating on the road. Bad driving. 


Yup, that’s basically my driving experience! I need so much more practice. But it was still fun to drive around today! I loved it. It’s just a pain to get used to it all. But it’s something everyone has to go through! I suggest driving with a father/father figure. Especially for the first time….fathers tend to be the one’s who let the kids make a mistake and then correct them, as opposed to mothers who will correct it before it happens. I’m not saying your Dad will let you crash the car….he’ll wait a few seconds and then correct you, so you’ll see what you’re doing wrong!


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