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Book Review: Joyland-Stephen King


Joyland by Stephen King is his newest novel yet. It follows an old story of a murder case that was left unsolved. Devin Jones finds himself at Joyland, a carnival in North Carolina, after his heart was broken by the girl who could’ve been. After staying on full time to mend his broken heart, he goes on digging his nose into places he shouldn’t be, trying to solve the mystery case of the Ghost of Linda Gray.

If you’re a fan of fast paced novels, then think again….this novel was very slow, but still amazing! I think that the slow pace of this novel reflects on the everyday life of people who go through the same motions everyday, and in Devin’s case, doing this to get over heartbreak. I could be wrong though…he could’ve written in that way just because he’s Stephen fricking King, and he could do whatever the hell he wants to.

All in all, this book is still very good. It was a slow build up to the ending, but it was definitely worth the time reading it. I’m very glad that he decided to NOT have this book available as an ereader….I forgot what it’s like to hold an actual book (besides a university textbook in my hand) for so long, so it was a really nice change! It was also a lot smaller than this “normal” sized books (500+). This book didn’t even reach 400 pages! So it was easy and light to hold.

I definietly recommend this book to everyone! It’s a book that I think everyone will love, because the characters are easy to relate to, and the plot line is a fun one (a carnival with a haunted house…who wouldn’t love that!?). I strongly think that this book would make a great movie! I really hope I’m not the only one! It would be a great one to come out at around Halloween! Anyone else agree with me?


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