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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 27 Recap

Another Tuesday night went by yesterday….and not in a boring way, like Dance Moms was for the past few weeks! I really did enjoy watching this one….tons of funny clips about Abby and some of the moms…it really was a good chatter episode! It was definitely better than the chatter episode last week with Kelly and Christi. I do have to say (about last nights episode) that the Asian man really did make the show…you could tell he really wanted to be there, and I think without him and his commentary, it would’ve been less appealing.


There’s really not much to say about this week….BUT I’m happy that next week, it’s back to regular dance competitions! And it’s going to be a great one…..looks like Maddie screws up! I’m glad she screws up sometimes…it seems that sometimes, we all forget she’s still a kid because she’s such a good dancer. So her screwing up does remind us all that she’s still a child who makes mistakes.  


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