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Book Review: Private London- James Patterson & Mark Pearson



James Patterson and Mark Pearson wrote this in 2012, giving the reader an on-your-edge kind of read. Private London is about how guilt, revenge and murder all add up to one thing: disaster. Hannah Shapiro was sent to London to be looked after by Dan Carter. In just a little over a year, all his work was for nothing, after Hannah was kidnapped by a group of men. Pushing himself to the limit, he does everything that he can to make sure of Hannah’s safe return.

The reason why I love James Patterson’s books is because of his writing style….I love his short chapters. It makes his books so much easier to read, and much more enjoyable! And this one was no different…the intriguing characters, the intricate plot line….and the fact that it’s a police/mystery novel, it had me hooked from the first page!

There’s really not much to say here…I’m a sucker for James Patterson, so I’ll love anything he writes! I will say that there were a few typos (quotation marks beginning a sentence but not ending it, a few commas in the wrong place…unless it was supposed to be like that…), but other than those few minor things, I think it was really good! Not my favourite….but still good!

Anyone with an addiction to James Patterson (like me) or who enjoy police novels should definitely pick this book up! If you’ve never read a James Patterson novel before, then I don’t think you should start out with this one….try something else by him!


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Private London- James Patterson & Mark Pearson

  1. I read this book few months back, I am only impressed by how James Patterson books are fast to read! Though I have not read other books of private series, this was an so-so for me. I like Alex Cross’ series better! 🙂


    1. haha you are 100% right! The Alex Cross series are sooooo much better! Love them! I think I might pick up one more book from this series….just to see if it’s any better than this one!


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