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Book Review: Super Dark 3-Tanith Morse



Tanith Morse takes the story of Lee and Sam in Super Dark 3 through an unforgettable journey, testing their feeling for each other. They come to realize what is important to them, and what their priorities are…no matter how difficult or immoral it is.


I have to say it was really hard for me to read this book, knowing it was the final one in this amazing series. I wanted to enjoy it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to because I knew this was it….no more Sam, Lee, Fraiser, Becky, Lord Albion….

Although I was really reluctant to finish Super Dark, the plot line of this story didn’t fail to impress! It was the best one yet, with so much more elements in it that weren’t present in the first two!

There was more of a development in the characters, which was awesome to see! You get to see more of their dark sides in this one (for example, Becky’s uncontrollable rage), and I think these character developments definitely added to the awesomeness of the book! 


A word of advice…DO NOT start reading this book at 12:30 at night. Especially if you know you have to wake up early and help your Dad out because he had surgery. That is the absolute worst thing you can do, because you won’t be able to put it down. I had to physically get out of my bed and go downstairs to leave my Kobo down there!


I’m definitely looking forward to more Tanith Morse in the future! She’s an amazing writer, and I think a lot of you are going to hear more about her, as she writes more books! Anybody would love this series….I’m telling everyone I know to read it! And that includes you!


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