Crafty Corners


I just came back from going to the dollar store, because I won this candle set shown above by playing a really awkward game at a bridal shower….this game consisted of a toilet paper roll in between my legs, and someone else with a pole in between hers….yeah. It was totally worth the embarrassment of doing this in front of my Mom though, because I wanted the center piece as soon as we sat down at our table! 

So at the dollar store, I bought some little white diamonds, big blue ones, and these green marbles, so I can fill them each up. I really like this because it looks really awesome on my desk, and it’s s great filler for the empty corner I had on it! The only thing I need to buy are little lights (the ones that can substitute for candles, you turn them so they can light up), and I’ll stick those into the tops. 

It was inexpensive (considering I won the candle holders), and I had a lot of fun doing it (no, it doesn’t take much to entertain me haha). You can buy even bigger ones, and just completely put the whole dollar store out of stock, if you wanted to. It’s easy to change up, and if you put those little lights in, it’ll look super cute, and there’s no mess with the wax or anything! 


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