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Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 25 Recap

Well, another night spent watching the Candy Apples at competition. Fun. I missed the first five minutes of it, but once I tuned in, I sighed and prepared to go through another boring episode. 

Hadley and Nick had a duet together, called Tribal. Jalen had a contemporary….yes, CONTEMPORARY solo One Less Girl, and Mari had her own solo, Still I Rise. Again, all were choreographed by Anthony, and Tribal placed first, Jalen ninth, and Mari eighth. Cathy wasn’t pleased about Jalen and Mari’s placing….it was between those two for someone to leave the team, and no decision was made. Cathy FINALLY realized that she’s giving Anthony too much lee-way in her own studio, so that’s another problem she has to fix.

I truly did like Mari’s solo….I love (and am totally jealous) of her long legs, they’re beautiful. I felt bad when Jalen couldn’t nail his triple pirouette, because his stay on the Candy Apple team depended on that. Hadley had her own freak out about the head piece, which I understand. But there’s going to be much more severe costume “malfunctions” as she continues on with dance. She has to learn to mold herself into different situations, and to just take the costume she’s given, and run with it. Mommy won’t always be there to back her up. But I’m glad she was able to do Tribal with her headpiece!

I would love nothing more to take a while and bitch about Rick, Jalen’s Dad. I can easily write 20 paragraphs on why I think he needs to step out of his kids life, or why he has to stop babying him and disturbing shit with the other dance moms….but my laptop is almost dead, and I don’t want to waste my life on it. I’m dying for a green tea. 

The only Abby we got to saw (unless there was more of her during the 5 minutes I missed) was really when she was coaching Maddie (where they only showed 3 minutes of it) for her big performance on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. I’m guessing her solo was awesome as always (at this point I completely lost interest). So congratulations to Maddie! On facebook, all the fake accounts I follow were saying how it was a big, important night for her.

Next week, there’s no dancing, as far as the promo showed. They’ll be talking with Cristi and Kelly, so at least some drama will come out of it. I hope it’s going to be better than these last few weeks….


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