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Book Review: Darkness Rising-Karly Kirkpatrick



This book is the second one from the Into the Shadows series. This continues on with Paivi’s life from Canada to Nepal, and then Mexico. It follows a series of events that lead to Paivi figuring out what her true potential is…and the stress and hardships that that potential bring. As a teenager who started out on a mission to save her parents which quickly turned into saving the whole world as well, 


I have to say, this book wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I think it has to do with the fact that I think this book is too young….the main character, Paivi, is 14 years old. And she’s already harnessed this super awesome power that anyone would kill to have. Does she really need to literally have the weight of the world on her shoulders? I think it would be hard for readers to connect with her because of the age….I don’t know why, but it just bothers me so much. 

This book was a bit unbelievable as well at times… it sort of seemed like Karly was trying just a bit too hard to keep the audience engaged. I think a little less action would have been more effective.


What I do like about this book was that Paivi is the only girl really in it…her whole team consists of her little brother, a friend from school, and a famous magician with his own little brother. So Paivi is a great advocate for girl power….especially since she’s the strongest! This book also somewhat reminds me of my favourite Disney show, That’s So Raven because Paivi can see into the future (when she sleeps). So that’s an added plus for me!

I personally don’t recommend this book to those who hated The Hunger Games or any kind of genre related to it. Although this does have a better plot line than THG (let’s face it….kids killing kids was something that was hard for me to swallow!), it still just seems too young….I feel like I can’t relate to this 14 year old. Unless it’s just me, and I’ve gone crazy. 

I’ll be reading the third book in this series (After Dawn) soon! I bought the trilogy bundle, in case I liked it (it was also cheaper than buying them all separately!). So keep an eye out for my final review on the Into the Shadows trilogy! 


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