Second Year University Schedule

Well, it was that time of year for me yesterday! I had to choose my courses for school starting in September! In the end, this is what I ended up with:


12-1 French lecture

1-3 French tutorial



9-12 Design in Society

12-1 English lecture (Part One)

1-2 English tutorial



9-12 Heredity in Society

12-3 Reading Shakespeare



12-1 English lecture (Part Two)


I was planning on taking Children’s Literature on Monday….but, lo and behold, it was full. So I had to substitute Design in Society in. But overall, I’m happy with my schedule. I think it’s good for me to not have 4 hour breaks in between my classes, like last year! That was brutal. And I did want to spread everything out over 4 days this year…..but that one hour lecture on Thursday is not what I had in mind….but I have no choice. Oh well! Let’s see what September brings for me….hopefully great marks (unlike thiis year!)



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