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Book Review: The Steele Wolf-Chanda Hahn



The Steele Wolf is the second book in its series The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn. This book continued on with Thalia’s newfound family; her old life colides with the new Thalia, and she does everything she can to stay as this new person, while still pleasing her father. Slowly, the reader gets to realize who the good and bad guys truly are in this book, and we also get to see where Thalia’s heart truly lies. 


I think with this book, you will either love it or hate it. I personally love it, but I can also see why other people might not like it. There were a few climaxes in the book that I think would either be appreciated or disapproved. On the one hand, it brings a lot of action, suspense, and it keeps the reader interested and reading. On the other, some people may look at it as over the top, and they could eventually say that it was put there to make the book seem better than it actually is. 

I think this book was better than the first one, because there was more action. And it actually brought out a physical reaction in me. Sometimes my mom would ask me “What’s wrong? Why are you laughing” and I would have to (embarrassingly) tell her that it’s only the book. I’ve never reacted that much to a book, and it was nice to do so. 

I liked to see a development in the characters in this book….there isn’t as much mystery to them as there was in the first one, and it was great to see all the characters open up more. I loved how we learned about Thalia’s heritage, and also more about the iron butterfly (the contraption used to torture here)

That’s also what I wanted to talk about a bit here. I don’t know if the decision to call a machine of torture an “iron butterfly” is good or not. Butterflies are very beautiful, as opposed to this one, associated with torture and pain. 


Other than that, I highly recommend this book. It’s different, and a great read that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy! Here’s the sad part…..the third book in the series, The Silver Siren is coming out later this year….LATER. I really don’t want to wait! So if you’re one to read a series when it’s completely out, I suggest you wait to buy the books then. If you’re one who can wait, and enjoys the wait, then go for it!


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