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Dance Moms: Episode 24 Recap

Well, last night was Tuesday…my favourite day of the week, because duh, Dance Moms! So here’s my own mini recap, and my opinion!


In this episode, Abby is on the hunt in LA for a new studio, while the girls are expected to be working hard, and always in class even though she isn’t there. Meanwhile, in the Candy Apples dance studio, Cathy is up to her tricks again….rebuilding her team, this time having (at first) 3 girls and 3 boys. Interesting enough, one of her new girls is Hadley, who was on AUDC. Later on in the episode, Cathy brings in Black Patsy and Nycaya to the team. Now we know things are definitely going to get ruthless!


I wasn’t as much into this episode as I usually am. I won’t lie, but I really don’t care that much for Cathy. She’s a good teacher, don’t get me wrong. I just think that this hatred between the two studios is over publicized. But looking into her studio and how she’s running it was interesting to see, I’ll give her that. 

Hadley is her new recruit. From watching a few episodes of AUDC, I have to say I really do like her. I remember that one episode where she was telling her mom to stop fighting with the other moms, so I’ll give her props for that. She’s the ONLY kid I’ve seen stand up to his/her mom, so for that I really do love her. I loved Anthony’s choreography for her dance last night, it was so good!


I was mostly bored with this episode though. I was kind of disappointed that Christi didn’t go to the competition to spy on Cathy. I think it would have been way better, and more fighting! I wish the producers showed the whole fight, and not just skip forward to the heavier parts. One second their yelling at each other, and the next Black Patsy has her finger pushing against Jill’s nose.


I personally think that the producer planned with Abby to have some moms spy on Cathy….because if they didn’t do that, then what episode would they have been able to air? It just would have shown Abby looking at studios, while the other girls were practicing…but that’s just my personal opinion.  

I hope next weeks episode is going to be better than this one…I watch it for the dancing, since I miss doing tap and ballet. But I also watch it for the mothers….I know, it’s horrible. I should be watching it for the girls to praise their dancing. But I can’t help it…I love drama on tv. Don’t hate me.


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