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Progress With Domi

For the past few weeks, I’ve had it in my head to walk my dog Domi every morning at about 9:00. Every time I walked him, he was always vicious towards other adults….always barking at them, scaring them, and he even went to lunge at one guy. I really didn’t want my dog to act like this for two reasons:

1) I don’t want him to be known as a vicious, unfriendly dog that needs to be kept away from. Even though he’s named after the Toronto Maple Leaf player, Ti Domi, he’s not the ruthless fighter that he’s named after.

2) I don’t want something to happen (even though I know he never bites), and we have to end up putting him down or having a muzzle on him when he walks.


I know he’s only a 12 pound ball of hair…but still, you can’t help but wonder these things after he barks at someone. So what I started to do was, when I saw someone ahead of me walking, I would pull Domi off to the side of the sidewalk, and hold on to his collar and wait for the person to walk by. When he barked at the person passing by, I would give the collar a little yank, and say bad boy to him. It took doing this for a bit more than two weeks to finally get him to stop barking. I still have to hold the collar, but he hasn’t barked at anyone who passed by us today…and for that I’m proud!

I’m also thankful that he doesn’t bark at children, so I don’t have anything to do there when the cute little daycare kids walk by, yelling “HI DOGGY” at the top of their lungs! He only barks at adults, or people on bikes. Hopefully pretty soon I’ll be able to walk by other people without Domi barking at them! Wish me luck!


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