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Dance Moms: My Episode 24 Prediction

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Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Abby’s girls dance this week. But, it still looks like a good episode…..the moms go to spy on Cathy while Abby is in LA. I’m definitely hoping for a fight. Not a cussing fight…a full out battle. I think it’s definitely going to get out of hand like it always does. But no matter what, the moms will definitely be there to protect Abby if Cathy so much as breathes about her the wrong way. I also think that Abby is definitely going to move to LA. Why wouldn’t she? It’s a great step for her to make her career even more noticed than it already is. I think all the Moms will definitely go with her to LA, only because there is no show without those particular Moms. We know Kristi will absolutely move with Abby. If anyone won’t move, I think it would be Holly and Kelly. But I could be wrong! Tomorrow just can’t come fast enough! What do you think?


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