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Book Review: You’re So Sweet-Charis Marsh



You’re So Sweet by Charis Marsh is the second installment of this three part series. In this book, we continue to be involved with dance life, but we also get to know more about the characters, and where their hearts truly lie. 

Just like my review with the first book, Love You, Hate You, I really enjoyed this one as well. It’s a quick and entertaining read that a few select people will truly enjoy. (As I explained in my other review, I claimed that mostly people with a love of dance will appreciate this more…I could be wrong, though!). It was definitely harder to read this book compared to the first one. You’re So Sweet focused a bit more on the eating disorder life more than once. It was hard to see how these fictional mother’s are horrible to their children, because I’m sure that a lot of people (including myself) hated to go through. So this novel was a bit more of an emotional journey for me.

The formatting of this book was still a bit confusing at times as well as the first one, but again I think it’s more because I’m reading it on my Kobo. Other than that, well done Charis! I can’t wait to buy the last book of this series, to see how Taylor, Julian, Kaitlyn, and Alexandra turn out! 


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