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Dance Moms Season 3

With the premiere of the summer special of Dance Moms, I’ve obviously been watching it. It’s been a depressing few weeks without it, so I’m glad it’s back on. Last night was episode 23 of Season 3, and boy did it bring a lot of drama.

Christi and Kelly were still in their fight, Jill catches Maddie taking a private, and Kristie (with a ‘K’) returns with her Asia. 

This week, Abby was up to her no good tricks again. She puts Asia and Mackenzie up against each other (Asia won); the group dance had a heavy topic for their dance (cancer) which won, and Maddie was up against Chloe again this weekend, which is what I want to get more into.

When it was time for awards, Maddie was awarded second, and Chloe was first place. I was super happy, because, duuh, Chloe won! She almost never wins against Maddie, and I think she deserves to win more, she’s awesome! Anyways, when everyone was in the change room, the competition announcer walks in, and says that the scores were wrong because the judges miscalculated the points (they gave Chloe a few more points than was allowed..I think they were only supposed to give no more than 25 or something). So Chloe was forced to give up her title, and she gave her first prize plaque to Maddie. Here’s the horrible part….Abby ASKED the competition workers to check the scores, to see if there was a mistake! I know Abby hates Christi with a HUGE passion, but c’mon! Really Abby? I try to see both sides of all arguments on Dance Moms, but here I just struggle to find one. Maddie can’t win all the time. I know she dances from the heart and all, and she’s amazing. But sometimes I feel that she doesn’t deserve it (she was acting like a little brat because she got in second). I still love Maddie, but I want Chloe to win more! She’s so beautiful, and I find it awesome of her to be the exact opposite of her mom. She took it like a little trooper, and I think Christi learns a lot from Chloe when she’s not in mama-bear mode against Abby (sorry, Christi). 

I just don’t know what to think about last nights episode….it’s so confusing, trying to figure out why Abby would want to make Maddie’s head just a teensy bit bigger than it already is (figuratively speaking). The kid needs to be dropped down a few pegs every once in a while, and I don’t think Abby has done that in a while…

Well, I still think Chloe should have won, regardless of the score. She’s a much humbler person, and she definitely deserves to win. Even if Christi suddenly turns into an angel and becomes besties with Abby like Melissa, I still don’t think anything will come of it….Maddie is always going to win because it comes down to confidence. I remember first season, she would always brag about how she always comes in first or second. Chloe has never done that, first because she doesn’t win a lot (sob), but also because she lacks the pride and confidence in herself. I hope she knows she’s beautiful, and that with a bit more confidence, she’ll definitely be on top of that pyramid! 


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