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Subway Issues

As I’ve currently went on my own version of a diet, I’ve basically been staying away from anything and everything that I know is bad for me. Which is pretty hard, but I think I’m getting the hang of it (finally).

Now, because I’m going to my godmothers house after, my Dad is going to buy Subway for all of us. So I was on their website, looking at what’s ok, and what’s not, and really, it doesn’t matter what sandwich you get, it’s all pretty bad for you. Especially for people who’ll add sauce and what-not (I’m not one of those people…I’m a plain jane all the way!). But still, how is someone expected to lose weight when all this crap is out there? Is there really no restaurant that is out there that bases themselves on healthy food? Or are we just so used to what we eat, that we’ve come “allergic” to healthier options? 

This is seriously a pain in my booty, and everything that I’ve worked for in the past 4 days is all going to go to waste now, because of one simple $8 or so meal. This is horrible. I’ve already gone way past my “requirements” today too! I hate food.


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