White Fang- Jack London (Book Review)




White Fang by Jack London is written in three very different point of views. First, we see the point of view of two men, then that shifts to a half dog, half wolf who we later learn to be Kiche, and then the majority of the book is seen through the eyes of Kiche’s baby, later known as White Fang. Through White Fang’s point of view, we see how his upbringing teaches him to be a hard wolf-dog, unable to show love to his masters. We embark on his journey from his time with the Indians, which eventually turns into white men and the different attitudes of them. White Fang’s journey takes you on a trip filled with anger, maybe hate, and then love.


I’m dissapointed in myself that I didn’t enjoy this book. I should have, especially with that last part of the book, but I just couldn’t get into it. For almost the first half of the book, I was bored out of mind reading it, and it felt more like a chore at times. But when White Fang got older, his life was the most interesting thing in the book. 

I think the reason I really didn’t like this book was because of the first half. It was a really slow start to get to the point of the story, and by then I was counting down the hours until I finished it. Which was a shame, because after White Fang entered the Indian camp, the book started to pick up its pace. 

Animal lovers will definitely like this book, once they get past the brutal beginning. I’ve always found it interesting to see how people interpreted the thought process of animals…and I’ll have to say, Jack London does an awesome job of this. I found myself pausing sometimes, taking a few seconds to wonder if that’s how my dog thought. Sounds crazy….but don’t hate! Jack London’s writing style was really believable, so I praise him for that. 


This book was an okay read…definitely not in my top 10. But I think you should give it a chance if you have the patience to read something that will bore you, and also if you are an animal lover, particularly dogs. 


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