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Tim Horton’s Trouble

Here in Canada, we all go crazy for anything from Tims…whether it be their Iced Coffee’s or sandwiches, we all have that one favourite thing from Tims. What’s not so great about it is that it’s become too popular.

The one that’s about a 10 minute walk from my house is a pretty small one, but it’s in a great place that’s bound to rake in the big bucks. The little plaza it’s in is too small to park in, and there are also a few other small stores (a Subway and a nail salon, for example). Why are those stores even there though? They’re always empty (with the exception to Subway). I went there yesterday to get my brother a TIms gift card for his birthday today, and it was just ridiculous; there was a long line up, and I had to maneuver my way around a few cars just to get into Tims..which was NOT fun, by the way, especially when you have a meanie honking their horn at you, even though I had the right away.

Anyways, despite my anger and annoyance at how small the Tims seem to be nowadays, I still go in there and enjoy the freshly baked muffins, and the heavy smell of coffee that seems to linger like a cloud over everyone’s head. Even though Canadians are always going to be Tims fanatics, I think that someone in head office or the CEO of TIms can spare the extra money and make their stores bigger…or at least the new ones that will be built. A lot of us love our TIms, but when we can’t find a place to sit inside and there aren’t any seating areas around outside..well, it’s a bit of an annoyance to go there and hang out with friends if there is nowhere to sit and enjoy our food (and most likely seconds).

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