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Handmade Kobo Case #2




Yaay! I finally finished my second crochet Kobo case! It’s a bit small though…oh well, at least I know for next time to make an extra row, which is the problem! 


Anyways, I’m SO proud of its imperfections…because they were my own. I had no help this time from my Mom, as opposed to this one . The more I practice, the more I get better! From what I can tell (although I’m not an expert), I have less missed stitches. And again, this one was made with my Nonna’s yarn, which is a plus. 

I did 42 chain stitches, and I did 12 rows up (which is small…I think 13 would have been better). I fitted this for a Kobo touch, but you can easily redo it for anything….ipads, ipods, iphones….which reminds me, I think I’ll go on to make matching cases! I don’t really know about my laptop though…we’ll see. Sorry, went off topic there…kind of got a bit over excited. 


This wasn’t all me though…the idea for the style came from this website:

And the little flowers I crocheted, I just watched this tutorial online! Coincidentally, the person who makes these videos is named Tina…and that’s my Mom’s name! Weird how all these Tina’s are teaching me how to crochet…. 


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