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Don’t Get the Pooch if You Won’t do the Scoop

As a pet owner of Domi, I know what it’s like to pick up the poop….totally gross, and I hate it with a passion. But at least I do it…’s common sense, and I deeply despise anyone who doesn’t do it. It’s disgusting, filthy, and lazy. 


it’s common sense to pick up after the pooch….why would you want other dogs to stick their noses into another dog’s poop? You never know…diseases go around like wildfire these days. Would someone REALLY want their dog to do that? No. So just bend over and pick up that poop. Seriously. 


There’s this guy who lives down my street, and he has a HUGE dog! This guy is easily 6 feet tall…and this dog reaches his waist (no, it’s not a Great Dane). And this guy DOES NOT pick up after the dog. It’s so gross words can’t even begin to describe my disgust for that.

If this guy doesn’t pick up after his dog (Rex) when out in public, does he pick it up from his backyard? If he does, then that’s a real a$$hole move. If he doesn’t, then just think about the conditions that the dog lives in (he’s always outside..he’s not allowed into the house). So it’s not only bad for other dogs, but it could be harmful to the dog, if there’s poop in the backyard. 


Seriously, having a dog is a huge commitment. It’s exactly like having a little baby in the house…so it’s basic to keep its living environment clean, and also the environment for other dogs. If you’re too lazy to pick up the poop, then clearly you don’t deserve to have a dog. Ugh.


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