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Book Review: Super Dark #1 – Tanith Morse


Super Dark by Tanith Morse is a compelling romance of lost and found love. When Sam and her best friend, Elliot, were kidnapped on Halloween night when they were seven, they let her go, but kept Elliot. Now, 10 years later, the thought of what Elliot could have been is haunting Sam at every turn…and, to make matters worse, she also has to deal with her attraction to Lee, not only because she “doesn’t do boys”, but also because her new friend, Becky, is infatuated with him. As Lee and Sam become closer, she learns some dark secrets about his past…and she opens up about hers too. Super Dark brings the reader on a journey of how two very similar lives come together….with a few surprises along the way.

I really hope my introduction sounds as awesome as this book does. I need to work on them more. ANYWAYS I’m happy to say that this book does NOT involve vampires! For a while during the book, I was really torn because it seemed like some vampire activity was involved, and I wanted to hate it….but you can’t HATE this book…it’s too awesome. The way that Tanith writes it, plus the plot line and the characters make this book 100% perfect. I’ve never eaten cereal with my Kobo before, because I’m scared that I’ll accidentally splash milk on it…but I took that risk with this book, and it was totally worth it. This is the type of book where you know something about a character in your gut, but you have to wait for the big reveal to know you’re right.

Let me talk about the characters for a bit here, because they’re all awesome. But I’d have to say that throughout the book, my favourite was always Lee. The mystery behind him makes him a lot more interesting than other characters. I found myself turning every page, hoping Lee would appear in the next part so I can learn more about who he is. Even when I finished the book this morning (so sad!), there was still a mystery about him. It shifted more to the mystery of what he’s going to be doing with Sam, and what more secrets he hasn’t told her yet.

Fraiser is another character I adore. Intelligent, funny…who wouldn’t love the guy? He’s awesome, and I hope that when I get the second book, there will be more of him in it (even though I doubt it..but a girl can dream!).

Of course, the book isn’t complete without Sam, the main character. What can I say about her? She’s mysterious as well, but not as much as Lee. I don’t know what makes her so intriguing…the reader already know her every thought, feeling, and story. Maybe it’s the WAY she’s written about that makes her that much more mysterious….I hope there’s more to her in the second book though. I’d love to try and figure out what’s up with her.

This book is just way too awesome to find anything bad about it…but I guess I should say one thing. (What’s a book review without looking at both positives and negatives about a book?). I think the one thing I can say about it is that it was a bit weird at times. I live here, in Canada, and there are different rules about alcohol consumption than in the UK, so I had to remind myself a few times that it was okay the characters are drinking, they can (which I think is totally unfair…if the UK has awesome rules, then Canada should as well). Anyways, so the setting of the story did make it a bit weird at times, but it’s only a minor thing. No biggie.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I think this is something everyone will love. Mystery, romance..who doesn’t love a book with those qualities?


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