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Thunderstorm Nightmares

Last night here in Toronto at about 2 in the morning, there was a major thunderstorm. The kind of thunderstorm with a lot of lightning (no thunder), and torrential rain for about 3 hours. The kind of storm that gets my dog so scared to the point he’s physically trembling. 

What ended up happening was my dog (Domi) kept going up and down off of my bed. And then I heard him crying….the kind that eventually turns into howling. When I got up to see what was wrong (I figured he wanted to get up on my Mom’s bed, and she just didn’t hear him), I find him in the middle of my doorway, just sitting there, looking up at me with his big brown eyes. I asked him, “What’s wrong, where do you want to go?” And he runs to the stairs with his tail in between his legs, waiting for me to carry him down (he doesn’t go down the stairs…he fell down them when he was trying to follow my Mom when he was a baby, so he’s traumatized). I put my socks on, and I brought him downstairs. 

My poor boy was so scared, and I guess the loud rain outside wasn’t helping, and he just wanted to go down where it was quiet. I ended up sleeping on the couch with him for about 4 hours until 6 a.m when my Dad came downstairs. By then the rain had stopped, and Domi was happy again. Even though I woke up with my right shoulder and neck hurting, it was definitely worth it to make sure that Domi was okay. Just like I wrote about him in a previous post found here , pet owners will literally do anything for their pets. But it’s worth it, because Domi is like, the best dog there is. All he does is sleep all day!! 


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