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My Handmade Kobo Case

After practically living off of Pinterest for a day, I ended up looking at the DIY section, which then lead me to DIY Kobo cases. When I saw those, I knew that it was the perfect thing for me to do during my 4 month vacation off of school. My Moms mother, my Nonna (grandmother in Italian), taught my Mom how to crochet. And when she died, my Mom took her unfinished blanket and finished it, in memory of her. That was a while ago, and my 13 year-old self vowed that one day, I too will learn this handy craft. And I did…it just took me 5 more years to get around to learning it.


It took a lot of awkward methods and missed stitches to eventually get the hang of it. But when I did, it just felt so natural…maybe because when my Mom was watching me practice, she would always tell me stories of her own awkward methods and missed stitches with my Nonna, and I guess that’s why it seemed natural…either that, or I’m just naturally born to do this, and I’ll become some sort of crochet master one day (which I highly doubt).

I’m mostly proud of my case (white in the front and a light green in the back- my Nonna’s yarn). There are a few missing stitches, some done on purpose to make the edges even. What I cherish the most here is that i didn’t give up…and I wanted to so many times. At first, I tried to go with a pink for the back. But halfway through, I realized that the pink was much longer than the white side…so I stopped, and asked my Mom when I got home. I learned a great lesson that day: ALWAYS use the same thickness of yarn. ALWAYS. So right then, I wanted to give up because it took me so long to do the pink side, and I had to unravel it all. At that point, I didn’t even want to start the light green side that I have now. But I stuck with it, and I can honestly say that I finished this with my own two hands (well, with my Moms help at the end a bit). And I think that’s the reason why I’ll always cherish it; it’s my first project that I’ve done (mostly) all by myself.

I think it’s important for everyone to have their own hobby, regardless of what it is. If it’s something that takes a lot of time and effort and makes you proud, then you should always stick with it. It’s rewarding to know that you’ve challenged yourself, and won. By challenging myself to pick up a new hobby, I learned a lot about myself just by sitting in a quiet house, crocheting. I’m a much better shower singer (haha). All my joking aside, I learned that I can actually have the patience to do something that takes so much time, and that’s something I’ve always thought to be really bad in.


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