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The Iron Butterfly-Chanda Hahn




The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn is a story that draws you into the life of Thalia, who is being kept against her will in the opening chapter. The Raven, who is behind this operation, is experimenting theories on Thalia, as well as other victims, against their will. As Thalia escapes and enters a new life among the Denai, she starts to learn more about what was done to her….unfortunately, she still has no clue about her life up until she was kidnapped. Escaping attacks from the Raven’s “henchmen”, named the Septori, while learning self-defense and trying to keep away a potential hunk of a boyfriend who her enemy (Syrani) is attached to, Thalia’s life is anything but normal. 

Before I get to the good parts of the book, I just want to get the criticism out of the way. 

  1. Different spelling of grey/gray a few times. I need consistency when I’m reading, but this isn’t that bad…I’ve definitely seen worse.
  2. Every few chapters, something super dangerous happens to Thalia. I thought it was a bit too much, because it was happening so often, it took away from the danger she was in. I found it to be repetitive: Thalia gets attacked. A person/horse comes to her rescue. She goes to the hospital. She wakes up to people talking about her. She’s released from the hospital. (This structure wasn’t that exciting after the second time).
  3. It was awkward reading this book sometimes because some sentences ended in question marks, and even reading it out loud, it still sounded wrong. This broke away from my concentration in reading the book, and it was hard to get past these parts, trying to make sense of the intonation that should be used.


Now for what i liked! Which actually surprised me, considering that it was a free ebook download from Kobo. 

  1. The first chapter…OH.MY.GOD. It was perfect! Completely captivating, perfect set up. Just perfect. I usually judge a book by the first chapter, and if I’m bored out of mind and get distracted while reading it, I expect that I won’t like the book. The iron Butterfly had the right amount of action, and it was a great opening to this novel.
  2. The story line itself is really interesting. (I hope it sounds interesting in my introduction..if it doesn’t…well, it’s way better than how I explained it). Personally, I’m getting slightly tired about vampires being in literally every teen novel. I’m happy to say that there are no vampires in this one..which is just the kind of teen novel I’ve been looking for! I’ve been on the band wagon (guiltily), reading all the vampire books i can find, and I’m sick of them. So thank you, Chanda, for writing this. Seriously, thanks.
  3. A lot of mystery surrounds Thalia, which makes me keep on guessing about her true personality (she has no clue where she came from or who her family is. All of her memories have been wiped out of her). So I’ve been guessing this whole time throughout the book that “oh my god, this is the part where she’ll remember something!” all the way until the end. So this added element of mystery is  a plus.
  4. Every chapter ends at a genius place, which is why it was so hard for me to put it down. The majority of the chapters end at major cliffhangers where you have no choice EXCEPT to keep reading on! It got to the point where I would be reading, and not even notice that I started a new chapter, which in my books, means that Chanda is doing something right. I’ve only done this to three other authors: J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and James Patterson.


For those who are flat out over-read on vampires or other types of teen novels, I think this book is obviously the best choice to read. It’s different, captivating, and duh, it’s a series! Who honestly loves it when they finish a book that they enjoyed? NO ONE. So with The Iron Butterfly being a great new series, it delays the ending of Thalia’s story (sob). I can’t wait to buy the second book in this series, The Steele Wolf (then, I’ll be waiting for the release of the third book in this series, which is sometime this year). Awesome work, Chanda! 


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