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What Wouldn’t We Do For Our Four-Legged Friends?


I was looking through a bunch of photos on my laptop, camera, photo albums, and phone of my dog, Domi (which, by the way, took me a LONG while! Between me and Mom, there’s thousands of poses of him). And it just got me to thinking..what wouldn’t we do for our pets?


As a pet owner, you eventually get to know your animal’s habits. And for Domi, sitting down while eating/drinking, and dragging his bum across the floor and crying in pain was NOT normal. So we took him to the vet, and he stayed overnight because of his anal glands. Now we know to bring him in every 6 months to get his bum checked out, which we have been doing so for the past year and a half. What a trooper…no matter how many times he begs me to carry him into the vet, visibly shaking.

Another time, about 4-5 months ago, I noticed him always scratching his ear, and when I looked inside it was all red. After a day, he stopped, so I figured it was fine. A few weeks later, he kept scratching it. To prevent him from doing so, I would always put my hand in the way of his ear until he stopped. Eventually, he would go into the kitchen to scratch his ear. So again, we took him to the vet, and apparently shih poo’s, with their floppy ears, get a ball of wax. All grossness aside, he’s fine now, they took it out, and we gave him his ear drops for about a week after that. Yes, I knew something was wrong with him, but I was more concerned that he had an ear infection, which are the symptoms I was looking at, and since he had none of those, I didn’t think it serious enough to bring him to the vet. I feel so guilty for that….I gave Domi a peanut butter dog snack when my parents were there, to say sorry…shhhh. 

After these two incidents (the ear issue proving my incompetence as a first-time pet owner), I’ve been thinking that even though myself, and other owners, aren’t perfect or may sometimes misdiagnose our pets, we still love them unconditionally, and would still do anything we can, plus more, for them. 


I’ve had a friend at work tell me that her neighbor lives all alone, it’s just her and her dog. Apparently this old dog has been having issues going poo, and it’s basically come down to the choice of putting the dog down, or just letting nature take its course. The owner chose to let nature take its course (which didn’t surprise me…it’s the only thing this poor woman has left). So this owner stays out with her dog, telling her that she can only go inside again if she just goes poo, and eventually the dog will go to the washroom (most of the time). 


It’s touching stories like these, plus my own experiences with my 5 year old baby boy, that make me realize how close of a bond we build with our pets. It makes me feel sorry for those who don’t have pets. Yes, it’s super expensive, hard (especially when you get a pet as a baby). But they become like one of the family….even a child’s pet rat; it may not seem to some people that they are part of the family, but that little boy or girl loves that rat more than anything (I brought up rats to try and make it not seem like I’m just talking about dogs and cats as pets here). Regardless of the cost, time, and effort, they can be overlooked by the bond you share with them, and the good times and memories that will be shared. 


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