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Picture from Imperial Buffet


Isn’t this such an awesome picture? (photo creds to my bestie!). Me (on the left) and my other friend, smiling, having a good time. It almost draws attention from the guy crying behind me.

First, an old man picking his nose right beside us. Now this random guy crying in such a beautiful picture? Great! Again, just my luck! Why is this guy even crying? I think that’s what I’d like to know most. It would be great if we can somehow track him down, but I don’t think we can. What’s there to cry about, in the middle of the restaurant, right beside the place where the staff makes drinks, allowing easy access to quick, unlimited refills, PLUS the buffet line is just a few steps away!

I’m sure he had a bad day or just received some bad news (let’s face it…those are definitely NOT happy tears). And I’m positive it was bad enough to cry literally right in the middle of our room. I do feel for the guy…but it makes me feel less for him because me and my friend are just happy-go-lucky, and we’re documenting his pain in a picture, plus on the internet.

Either my bestie (who will be reading this….love you lovely lovee!!!) has to pay more attention when she’s taking pictures, or people should go cry in a bathroom or in a corner when in public, to avoid this. It’s definitely not cool to go through pictures, and then notice this anguish on the poor guy’s face in a “happy” picture. I;ve heard of worse incidents though…like the nice picture of boyfriend/girlfriend with an overweight man’s booty crack showing. So maybe I shouldn’t complain about this picture…..but I’m a complainer, so that’s what I do!


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