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Deadly Stillwater- Roger Stelljes



Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stellijes is a detective novel (the second in it’s series). This time, McRyan and the other of the chiefs “boys” are working alongside the FBI (headed by Burton who is well known) to save the daughters of the chief of police and a high profile lawyer, who have been kidnapped all in the name of revenge. McRyan and the boys try to solve this mystery and get the girls back before the time runs out, while on the way battling very smart  criminals, who have an insider working alongside them. McRyan and the boys do everything they can, and more, to help make sure that the two daughters come back safe and sound, as well as the chief of police and prominent lawyer. 

I downloaded this book from Kobo for free…I intended it to be just a quick read that I can whip through, temporarily distracting myself from the urge to go out and buy a Kobo gift card, since I’m saving my money towards my license and an Ipad. I’m happy to say that this book wasn’t one that I easily whipped through. (When I like a book, I tend to take my time reading it so as not to finish it….a bad habit, I know). I was a bit devastated to end this book. 


I think anyone who enjoys a good detective novel will enjoy this book to some extent. Stellijes did not fail in showing McRyan’s undeniable passion for being a city cop in this novel, which I think is a good show on his part because I have read some novels where this was questionable. Stellijes’ detail to the environment that his characters are in are fabulous, and I could picture in my head everything, from the battered road to the interviewing room where Burton was at. All the skills I learned about writing a good novel from my grade 12 Writer’s Craft class were in here, which I think makes it a good novel to recommend, and read. 


Stellijes also lets his reader know who the kidnappers are, but we don’t find out why they are kidnapping the daughters of Hisle and the chief until later. I think the element of knowing who is behind this is a great treat that saves some people (especially me) from freaking out at who the culprit is. However, I think that it did take away from the novel, because the element of surprise wasn’t there (although Stellijes DID sort of make up for it, with the surprise about Burton). 


Regardless of the element of surprise or not, I think that this book deserves to be read by any detective novel fans out there – it has a good structure, great attention to detail, and fabulous characters that you’ll love. 

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