Cleaning….Fun?? WHAT!?

Well, I finally did it. A mess I was supposed to clean since December…..and I did now, in  May (I personally blame an overload of university essays and readings that were due….not to mention my own reading for pleasure). Anyways, so my room is clean! And it was actually pretty fun to clean.

I just graduated from high school last June, so I had a look through all my old yearbooks, remembering all the good times I had with my friends, which was really great, because I haven’t seen more than half of them in a while. I can’t believe how much I’ve actually missed them, it’s crazy.

I also had the chance to reflect on my mom’s parents who have both passed away. I have some jewelry of my Nonna (grandmother in Italian), and I had the opportunity to say my goodbye’s to my Nonno (grandfather in Italian) in the hospital, which was pretty special to me since I never had that chance with my Nonna. I miss them so much.

Cleaning my room was a great feeling, not only because it was such a pigsty that I physcially cringed every time walked in, but because it was a great 3+ hours reminiscing on old times, and cherishing them again. So I guess what can be said here is that cleaning CAN be fun….it’s what you make of it.


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