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Gross Restaurant Experiences

So last year, I went with my friends to Imperial Buffet. And last year, there was this lady sitting beside us, spitting into her napkin, picking her teeth with her chopsticks and just being plain gross. Yesterday, I went again with a few friends for my besties birthday party, and this man was sitting near us, full out picking his nose in the middle of a restaurant. GROSS.


I don’t know if it’s just me and bad luck follows me all around, or if gross people are just attracted to Imperial Buffet. Why can’t people know their manners though and do this stuff in their home, under their bed sheets? OR better yet, not do it at all? People don’t need to see this. It looks bad at the business, PLUS it puts the person to shame (well, if they had any shame in the first place, then they wouldn’t be doing this, I guess). 


Ugh. I hate people, I hate the public. Can it be illegal or something to do gross things out in the open..?? I’m almost positive that no one wants to see that while trying to enjoy their food. If you can’t act politely in public, then stay home please.


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