My First Awkward Post

Yay, my first blogging post! So excited! I’m happy to blog…I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. And I figured that since I have literally nothing to do until school starts again in September, I should find something to do. 


First off, I’m an English major at Glendon, one of the colleges at York University. I love to read, and I dream of being an editor one day, so going to Glendon will definitely help me achieve my goal….as long as I can successfully learn French in the process. Which is really hard to learn how to speak, by the way, if you’re not in a 24/7 French speaking environment!


Secondly, I will most likely be posting book reviews here, maybe an update or two about how I feel about a book I’m reading. My posts will most likely change in September, when I go back to my second year in university…so for those of you who might (but probably not) follow me, beware! I’m a huge complainer and worry wart. I should work on that…


Yup….I think that should be it for now. I got distracted and lost my train of thought just now. Of course.


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