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Bad Lessons at Disney’s Wonderland

Last night when I was working, I was listening to Kiss 92.5 on the radio, and they were discussing what some rich families do at Disney. I was mortified when I learned that families were hiring disabled people to pretend they are a part of the family so they won’t have to wait in those long lines.


Really? What are these people teaching their children? It’s okay to buy people off and use them to your advantage? Where are the morals in families today? Why can’t families teach kids that it’s good to  wait for what they want in life, you know what I mean? It’s horrible to think about how these kids may turn out…living off of Mommy and Daddy’s money, using it for whatever they want to. 


Why do parents feel a need to spoil their kids? I know that when people have kids, they vow to make their kids lives better than theirs was. But if you’re going over board and doing stuff like “buying” disabled people, then what life lessons are you providing for your kids? How are they going to survive, or become well-rounded individuals when they are being neglected basic life lessons?


As was said on Kiss 92.5 by one of the radio hosts on the Cash and Wylde show: “Some people aren’t supposed to be parents, and other people aren’t supposed to be rich.” I totally agree with him. This is one thing I’ll never do if I ever have children one day.

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